Girl Scouts Sue Boy Scouts: 7 Deadly Sins?

Girl Scouts of America Sue Boy Scouts of America Over Alleged Trademark Infringement: Seven Deadly Sins a.k.a. Seven Infringement Charges Chapter #1 By John Pellegrin, December 2018 Most organizations covet and vigorously protect their Intellectual Property (IP) rights, particularly if they perceive unauthorized use of service and trademarks by any other organizations, be they nonprofit or for-profit. They are also concerned with competition and name/mission/branding confusio

GPS Microchip Issues: Going Against the Grain?

Several high tech companies have designed Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking microchips the size of a grain of rice that can be implanted under the skin. The #biometric microchips are being tested on volunteer employees and consumers. By John Pellegrin, August 2018 Originally designed to allow employees to gain access to restricted research/work sites and purchase items from company vending machines with just a swipe of an arm or hand, as well as for avant garde consume