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GPS Microchip Issues: Going Against the Grain?

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Several high tech companies have designed Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking microchips the size of a grain of rice that can be implanted under the skin. The #biometric microchips are being tested on volunteer employees and consumers.

By John Pellegrin, August 2018

Originally designed to allow employees to gain access to restricted research/work sites and purchase items from company vending machines with just a swipe of an arm or hand, as well as for avant garde consumers, some of these chips also have GPS locators, as well as #voice activation capability.

Microchips also can monitor the user’s unique information – including vital signs. Medical practitioners will be able to track in real time any changes, as well as issue alerts for a detected troublesome condition. Even unconscious patients can be treated by emergency room staff as staff downloads stored information in real time. Microchips promise a ready alternative to a driver’s license, passport, and other identifying information.

A Swedish firm has implanted similar microchips in thousands of customers, allowing them to purchase train tickets and other services and goods without credit cards. Pets are already being implanted with locating chips, and hospital nurseries may not be too far behind. These prototype chips cost anywhere from $200.00 to $300.00, depending on sophistication and functions.

Of course, privacy advocates have concerns with this new #technology. Troublesome issues include who will be permitted to have ready access to such confidential information and the hackability of any monitoring system. Stay tuned for anticipated conflicting legislative initiatives at state, federal and international levels – some of which are already being drafted.

Pellegrin’s BriefCase SM/©

Volume 2, Issue #2, August 2018


Author’s Background and Caveats: ADVERTISING MATERIAL. John Pellegrin, Esq. has a robust business #law and management consulting practice. Areas of expertise include transactional and business succession planning, #communications, #IT/IP, various #government agencies (#FCC, #FTC, #USPTO, #Copyright Office, #FDA, #EPA), #nonprofits, and #wills, #trusts, #estates. John is available to advise on various #legal and #management fronts and issues, as well as serve as an expert witness in certain situations. He is well positioned to represent entities in various forums and before various government agencies. He is a graduate of #Georgetown University and #Fordham University School of Law, and is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court, as well as the courts of New York, District of Columbia, and Virginia.

Nothing contained in Pellegrin’s BriefCase is to be taken as the last word on any given subject discussed nor relied upon as legal advice; rather, the author’s comments on emerging trends in business and prescient decisions in the law and government regulations/interpretations/policies are meant to make the reader more aware of trending issues and risks.

Legal and Business Consulting Services. At John D. Pellegrin, P.C. we view our role as legal #counsel being essentially to “define the scope of the risk” for our clients. John also serves as Of Counsel to the law firm of Allred, Bacon, Halfhill & Young, PLC. He balances his full-time practice with active involvement in several community-based organizations. These include serving as Chairman/At Large Commissioner on the #Fairfax County Small Business Commission; #Rotary Club of West Springfield; Boy Scouts of America; National Eagle Scout Association; MVLE, Inc.; various Chambers of Commerce; MEPC (McLean Estate Planning Council), and the Purveyors Club. He has been recognized and honored with several awards over his lengthy legal career and for his community involvement, including a communications Golden Receiver Award, Community Champion Award (Springfield District, Volunteer Fairfax), and Distinguished Service Award (Rotary International).

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Volume 2, Issue #2, August 2018


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